You have arrived at Celestial (Celest) and David’s Etherealtransformation website. Quoting God from years ago when He originally asked us to build His website for him…

He said to us: “Tell them…

~ WELCOME – We have been Expecting YOU! ~”


Here you will find information on how to “Build your own” Pleiadian Flagship Star Crystal, Atlantean Wands, T.A.’s

As well as…

More detailed information on ALL of our Books and “How to Order” your own “Paperback and Kindle copies” as well as “PDF versions” you can read and study on your computer or other electronic device(s).


PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in Paperback and Kindle E-book versions of any of our books – Then please go to our “Author Central” page on Amazon… http://www.amazon.com/Celestial-Blue-Star/e/B006GTXPOW


For more detailed information on all “8” of The God Books of “The God Books Series” we have had the privilege and honor to be chosen as the scribes for He and All the other Luminescents of all the other Universes and Multiverses … please go to https://godumentary.com/category/02the-god-book-series/


Please Note; you must “Create and account” before ordering in order to be able to download the PDF of the product.

Also; If you click “ADD TO CART” buttons by any of the items listed on this website… THEY ARE FOR – “PDF versions” you download straight to your computer…….

They are not the actual products or hard copies of any of the books.


For more detailed information on the “3” books of Blue Star the Pleiadian go to the Bluestarspeaks.com website

For more detailed information on the “8” God Books of “The God Book series” please go to the godumentary.com


Long ago before any of you reincarnated here on Earth (Anastasis) again, God and all the other Luminescents made you each a “Promise,” this was when the time was ready THEY would REMIND each of you all the information THEY felt necessary at the time for you to know and … to remember! “Promises made and Promises kept,” ergo the writing of “The God Books!” These are their words to humanity at this time…

Salude, Celest and David

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The complete God Book series

  • #1 “And Then God Said…Then I Said…Then He said…”
  • #2 Beyond the Veil ~ Epiphanies from God
  • #3 “And Then God Said…Then I Said…Then He Said…” Volume two
  • #4 The Code
  • #5 Beyond the Journey
  • #6 Advocates for Justice
  • #7 The Winter People who Ride the Wind
  • #8 Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients

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Showing all 16 results