Star Tek – Perspectives on Terrestrial Technology Volume One


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Star Tek – Perspectives on Terrestrial Technology

Volume One

Copyright 2011

This book contains information gathered by Celestial Blue Star of the Pleiades, David of Arcturus And Ningishzida (A reincarnated Sumerian)

Chapter Titles

Introduction to Free Form Energy

Preface – The Fundamentarl Problems with Physics Today – Ningishzida

The Electrophysiology of Light – Blue Star the Pleiadian

Free Form Energy – Conduit to the Future – Emiel

Telluric Energy and Earth Currents – Ningishzida

Earth Batteries – Ningishzida (includes comprehensive instructions)

Removing the Negative Effects of Electromagnetic Energy from the Body – Ningishzida

The TA – A Transfiguration Accelerator (includes blueprints and assembly diagrams for The TA and the Pleiadian Flagship Star Crystal specifically designed for working in The TA)


Divining Rods – Construction, Programming and Usage

Magnetic Alignments and techniques

Pendulums – The Proper Usage and Programing


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