The Code



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The Code

Book Four of “The God Book Series”

This book became available 11-15-11

268 Page Book

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The Code is an astonishing book. The presence of God is unmistakable as He reveals in-depth information of long-held secrets of the Illuminati’s origins and their plans for all the human races and for Terra as well. He offers detailed information explaining why He could only speak of these matters now. God effectively and neatly ties together each step a Soul takes on and off-world. He also reveals information heretofore unknown about Souls, their migrations, their interplanetary connections and how these connections interact with each race and the ways and means by which all Souls are watched over. He speaks very fluently and decisively in this book and makes it very clear to everyone that He will not brook any more complacency by people. He offers information about Soul Partnerships that occur here and off-world. God reveals information that no one here has been privy to before. God speaks very clearly and VERY determinedly in His quest to abide by the timeline He has been granted. This is the first time any of this information has been permitted to be revealed. The book is very moving, very intense and infinitely beautiful in the way that only God can write. ~ Celest and David ~


God’s introduction OK now, this is the part where I begin to explain some unknown but crucially important information to each of you. This is only part of the knowledge of certain events and actions that has long been withheld from you.

Codex 1 The Lives you change along the way

Codex 2 Uncivil Behavior

Codex 3 I Speak on War

Codex 4 Angels

Codex 5 Soul Partnerships

Codex 6 Fanaticism and Ideology

Codex 7 The Four Horsemen of the Global Conspiracy

Codex 8 A Snapshot for Eternity

Codex 9 A Deterrent to the Preservation of the Realm

Codex 10 The Intent of Surveillance

Codex 11 Machinations

Codex 12 Decoding the Code

From the Eye God’s closing statement

Dream Voices Blue Star the Pleiadian

Reflections of Thought by Celest and David


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