Blue Star the Pleiadian – My Teachings Through Transmissions – Volume 3



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Volume Three
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As most of the world’s peoples have finally begun to notice, “time” is moving at such an accelerated rate. Earth changes and political upheavals are ushering in a new era in human and planetary evolution. Blue Star the Pleiadian has not left any stone unturned during his long quest to bring truth to the masses. The saga of the Light and the dark, the good and the not-so-good and the still remaining Illuminati forces are written about by Blue Star in his own inimitable style. Although he has gone to great lengths over the years to clearly define what Light is and what dark is, many people still do not grasp this greater concept. If you each receive just one morsel of information in these volumes that will help you to better prepare yourselves for the here and now “coming” times, then you should be very proud of yourselves. This Universe, The Creator, the God of this Universe and the Creation process understands the challenges of living on the Earth Star planet. Each succeeding generation that evolves by “living their life to the best of their ability” and understanding that “life itself has meaning,” paves the way for a better tomorrow… today.

Journey well…. Blue Star the Pleiadian.

Of Lions and Lambs – All right Earthizens, it is MY turn to “vent.” I am saddened to see so many peoples on this planet in a traumatic state of mind bordering on helplessness. Although I fully appreciate the conditions that assail you each now, I cannot help but see that so many of you ones are so desperate about your situations that you are living on hope for a better tomorrow. Yet, the downside to living in such a precarious fashion is that hoping for a better tomorrow will not give you a “better today.”

Mankind in pursuit of Universal Trivia – Now, it has come to our attention that many of you ones have specific questions pertaining to ourselves, and our own life essences. Also, that some among you have “heart-stopping” issues of both theological and “reality” natures which we have not yet broached. So, we will endeavor to answer a few questions which we have selected as representing the majority of “group focus.”

If you could turn back time – On this day I have decided to address an issue which appears to be one of the most egregious faults that humans as a whole obsess over. I feel it is incumbent as part of my duty as one of the “off-world” overseers of this planet to “show and tell” whenever a topic or subject is swaying you ones into serious lacks of understanding that will ultimately harm you. Part of my duty here is to furnish needed information which may or may not be of benefit to you; whether it shall or not depends in great deal on your levels and stages of personal evolution and individual receptivity to truths rather than to fiction.

Life as a commercial – As most of the world’s peoples have finally begun to notice, “time” is moving at such an accelerated rate that it is not too easy to keep up with the correct days or months. I want to ask you a question however; when a new-to-you concept is introduced into your lives, how do you react to it? You see, although I have been preparing you ones since 1991 for the then “upcoming times and changes” which are in fact taking form here now, it was one thing for you readers of my words to listen, read, think and then assimilate the information, but it is quite another matter when you are faced with the actual REALITY of all that I have previously warned you about. Those “upcoming times” have now arrived “en masse,” As governments continue to fall and economic fallout heightens the thoughts of needed changes, rest assured that not only had all this been foreseen, but that all will end up the way it should. For the good of the people and for the planet herself.

In defense of the realm – Now, I will tell you each and all of the prevailing conditions off-world. The battles have been fierce and of long duration. Star Keepers from all the benevolent worlds have amassed a considerable force to combat the intentioned excursions of the dark lords into the Earth Star realm. This means that what we are each doing is……

Marriage and communicable intent – In the early days of humankind’s existence here, marriage was not an issue. The males simply bopped the females on the head and they were a couple, not always permanently, but at least for a while. Usually long enough for the breeding of new children to become part of the clan. It was instinctively understood that females were needed for the survival of the tribes, the clans. So it was that the men hunted, fished and engaged in tribal wars and the females tended to having as many children as possible and tending the hearth. Over the early centuries females were always considered to be the lower caste citizens. Their roles had been out of place from the very beginning times. Before the women of today begin to chortle,….

Synchronicity, is it real or coincidence – Greetings to all my relations; oftentimes things may happen such as events, relationships, geographic destinations etc., that seem just too pat to be accurate. There is no logic that can be readily seen in the situation. Many of these occurrences can be frightening to people because they cannot understand how such and such could be happening. This is in actuality a multifold situation that may take place at “any given time.” This means that in any nanosecond something can materialize in anyone’s life that may be just what they were asking for or looking for.

Shadows and Sunshine – Greetings to all, in particular I send my salutations to all goodhearted Souls who are striving to live an ordinary life to the best of their ability. Many peoples truly believe that not only is this life, “All you get,” but they also follow the foolish doctrine of, “No pain, no gain.” If all peoples could but understand… with great clarity….that each lifetime is filled with Sunshine and roses and shadows and Moonlight, life would be the epitome of their idea of perfection. Now the essence of living a life here on the Earth Star is to live one’s life with the least amount of D.C. (disorganized chaos) and turmoil. And to live and experience the greatest amount of joy and happiness. This is not in any way to imply there will not be inconveniences along the way.

The Amassing of the Walk-in Forces – Greetings, Greetings, Greetings, to all humans and those who are not! I greet you this day with great joy and anticipation regarding this current topic of discussion. I and all of my brethren have been awaiting this time period for centuries, as have the Walk-In forces themselves. All right now, if you are ready I shall proceed. I have in the past spoken at great length and in great detail to you of how the “Grand Plan” was carefully designed long, long ago. I explained that the design THEN was predicated upon all the probability factors of all that would occur NOW.

The Nature of Reality, the Concepts of Energy – Now, reality exists on many levels. There are those who firmly believe in the reality of the HERE and Now while declining to mentally participate in the essence of the true reality regarding the complexity of the nature of energy. Energy transmits itself through certain thought processes; it is the delineation and transformation of endless “bio-mat-i-cal” electrical waves. The term “non-control” is relative to the synthesis of the releasing of preconceived left-brain thinking and the necessity of relearning to exist in the Universal flow of superior knowledge.

The Physical and Spiritual Concepts of Evolution – Now, the vast majority of cultural and scientific societies acknowledge that man has evolved from the ape. This theory was debated for many years within the scientific communities. The data amassed to confirm this belief has been structured for the most part, around the physical likeness which exists between ape and mankind. In a very real sense, a post-stone age autopsy had been conducted. One faction who steadfastly refuses to acknowledge this scientific theory is the fundamental religious cults. These groups tend to consider the ape issue as blasphemy. They gravitate towards the theory of mankind as a direct descendant of God.

Group Karma – Now, many Souls who are in fact “Spirit children,” gravitate to specific chronological spans of your “time.” For the most part, they have experienced the most joyful, fulfilling learning experiences in their previous youthful existences on your orb. Many are loath to part from those memories much like your fable of “Peter Pan and his companions.” Much of this issue centers on the fact that these Souls are “underdeveloped” in their capacity and their willingness to mature. They literally return to the Earth for their chosen span of existence then leave again until such time as they are ready to return to this SCHOOLHOUSE for further education.

The Relativity of Past Lives, Karma and Completions – Now, there does exist among humanity much speculation concerning the reality of past lives. This issue is in actuality, a double-edged sword. No past life has been predestined in every aspect. Nor has any present life. Some issues required to be dealt with in each previous life HAVE been predestined. Each cycle of life consists of certain pertinent lessons which have either remained unlearned, or as in some cases, have been experienced but slightly. Predestination DOES VERY MUCH EXIST HOWEVER! This subject is considered to be quite controversial on your plane; however that does NOT alter its validity.

Mankind’s SOUL EVALUATIONS Between Lives – Now, the issue here is leaving the physical vehicle and the beginning of the journey into the ethereal realms. There does NOT exist any singular mode which is appropriate for all Souls to use. In one sense, all variables have been encountered in the lifetime just experienced by ANY Soul. Yet in another sense, each Soul in the moment of transfiguration is fully cognizant that what they are experiencing is the culmination of all their efforts. While this concerns the Souls who are leaving the planet “Earth Star,” there is a different slower process which the Soul uses in order to transcend the density of the atmosphere.

Perseverance in the Face of Difficulty – I bring greetings to all of our Earthbound cousins and all others who are our kin who are now living among you. Our kin are from many star systems who are here to continue rendering assistance to all. These ones too most definitely deserve our greetings. Now, as I browse the thoughts and mindsets of all peoples on this planet, I can not help but wonder if the fear I see, hear and feel within so many minds is yet recognized by you ones as the result of the deliberate implantation by less evolved Souls as their means of bringing you “down” yet again.

The Tail of a CENTURY – Many of you will live to see the changing of the political guard as more and more governments fall. You will see the fall of the dark empire and the rise of the human race. You will note the many countries that are now and will continue without restraint to attempt to bring more and more poverty and death to the peoples. Then you will see humanity at it finest moment rising well above the tide of madness and quelling permanently the continuation of the slaughter of the peoples. Prepare yourselves in yet another way Earthizens: you will watch, sometimes in stupefied horror as many countries……

The Bird Tribes Return for the Time of the Sacred Hoop – “The Bird Tribes,” is a term which was given to all Star Keepers, those who humans call “extraterrestrials.” Millions and millions of years ago when Star Keepers of all nations descended to the Earth Star planet it was with the intent of bringing forth all of the multidimensional aspects of Prime Creator; it was to seed the life forms which are now called “human” with genetic coding which would act as triggers or catalysts over many, many generations of future births of the human life form….


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