The TA – Transfiguration Accelerator



“The TA” ~The Transfiguration Accelerator~

The Evolution of the Matrix of an Individual and the effects of the TA on this Matrix.

The Matrix in a very real sense can be explained as a person using the TA whose total “Self” has integrated with the Transfiguration Accelerator, thus producing the optimum alterations required for a metamorphosis. This transformation process occurs as the individual and the TA function as one balanced entity. This event is the cumulative effect of combining the energy of the body, mind and Spirit of the person with the highly charged ionic energies of the TA. This results in the transfiguration of the molecules of energy which are present within the human mind. The mind then can transcend the mundane and focus on the desired effects of the energies of either “healing” or “empowerment.” This energetic force then goes out to the world as “pure thought,” it is a catalyst for breaking through the dark imposed energies rampant in this world.

When we first began following the blueprint that was given to us for the TA, we saw a very beautiful blue hue, with white light shimmering all through it and gold (like gold dust or fairy dust) that was shimmering throughout the form. The TA is set up to allow the force fields of charged energy to be in continuous motion even when no one is within the chamber. The TA is easily disassembled into 2 ½ ft. pieces for easy transportation to other areas. It can be easily carried in a small duffle or sport bag. It is designed to be used either indoors or outdoors. The TA is “self-activating;” no special procedures are required for its activation process by any person. The TA is constructed of hollow copper pipe which allows all natural conductivity to remain in its own even flowing system. The TA is approximately 7 feet tall at its peak. It has an octagonal shaped lower top which is connected to 4 triangular shaped pieces rising to its apex.

There are 4 upright legs of the TA that function in energetic movement connecting the base to 4 “fluted” poles which connect to the top. 2 octagons form the base for the TA. One larger octagon, the outer one, is 5 ft. in width and connects to the smaller inner octagon, which is approximately 3 1/2 feet in width. The 4 upright legs of the TA function in energetic movement connecting the base to the top. The energies flow and spiral from the base octagonal formations through the upright “legs” of the TA, encompassing all sides of the Accelerator, while simultaneously moving to and through the triangular and upper octagon shapes and through the 8 inch Flag Ship and mini Laser wand that are a part of the TA. The energy then not only continues rising upwards and outwards into the atmosphere, but as the energy flow arrives at the top of the TA, it then bounces downward to the base before beginning its journey upwards again. It is always in continuous motion.

When an individual enters the TA, that person then functions as a “generator” of the TA energy as well as the person’s own focused energy and thoughts. The energetic TA movements are “free form “energy, yet this is also a fine example of scalar quantity energy points that are equal to the work done in causing the movement of the body (person), from a standard reference point (focused mind-thought aware consciousness) to a given point in the field of force (the emitting and expansion of healing or power (empowerment) through the conduction of the TA force. It is in this manner that the energetic flow and thought transfiguration is directed by the individual.

Suspended in the Flag Ship which is hung inside and at the top of the TA, is a 3-4 inch mini laser wand that consistently accumulates the energies emitting from the human transmitter and the TA itself, and sends this combined energy out through the crystal tip of the wand, in an ever increasing circular motion, thereby amplifying the expansion motion that the TA is already Creating and sending out. The mini laser wand also collects energy from the now magnified energy of the copper and emits all the accumulating energy through the crystal tip and sends it vertically as well as omni-directionally. The TA itself is completely constructed of 1/2 inch “rigid” hollow copper pipe, with the exception of the Brazilian quartz crystal tip on the mini laser wand. The Flag Ship is constructed of solid copper coils.

We consider this incredible array of energies to be of “the first magnitude,” the quantity energy points have the potential and ability to fuse with a quantity equal; so that at a given point in the electro-kinetic fields, a charge, or many unit charges, can be moved to an infinite distance from the fields it originated from. Think of the person within the TA as the transmitter as well as the generator, with the ability to emit the negative-ions aligned within her/his thought form patterns, aided by the natural actions of the TA, in “broadcasting” these energetic movements to the masses and to the Earth herself. Yes, that individual within the TA will feel and sense the energy in motion while others will see it as well. The person and the TA will work in tandem. The motion is expansive, encompassing all directions, above below and all around This is transfiguration in action.

The TA creates and conducts its own barrage of negative ions throughout the entire formation. This is energy that is conducive to healing and expanding the healing properties and the right use of power. The inner grid of the TA will hold and house all of the matrix frequencies, allowing the energies of the formation to continuously evolve into a finer state. This specific gridline of the TA can encapsulate molecular energy, not only of the TA’s inner structure, but also for those who enter into it. Because the energy flows not only inward but outward and downward as well and arcs continuously, it expands and positively affects all who come in contact with the energy waves. It is in this manner that the production of the movement of the “mass” needed, rather than the “gross mass,” can be used beneficially to assist individuals and those others who have the desire and intent to alter the thought forms that lower vibratory beings have been dispensing around the world. It is the “potential” that the good-hearted person’s mind, heart and Soul possess, that can broadcast to others as a living example of “right defeats might.” “Potential” in this sense means the driving force, the fulcrum necessary for the scalar quantity and the electro-kinetic energy to co-mingle harmoniously as one complete energy field. Each person can accomplish much by “beaming” the healing and transformational power thought forms across the world.

For example: We have people emailing us all the time wondering how best to send love and light around the planet. When inside the TA, all the powerful thought forms you are emitting are not only serving to “seed” those thoughts around the globe but are also attracting the same thought forms to you from others who have the same intent and motivation as do you. This is one way mass consciousness is seeded prior to the germination of thought, which results in activated manifestation. When this happens, great clarity occurs, at times you and those you “unconsciously” connect with, will experience the great sense of the lightness of being that this exchange can bring. This is healing AND empowerment.

When the person inside the TA is desiring to send his/her thought forms of healing or empowerment energies to others on the planet who share the same desire, the TA instantly amplifies those thought patterns and sends them to the other people without any interference. The Wand in the top of the TA is activated immediately through the thought processing and continues to send out the crystal healing properties of the Earth as well. The TA is “energy in motion;” it functions in a natural rhythm, it cannot add any invasive force to anyone’s thought forms, it is affected by the same level or higher levels, of energies that the person within the TA has. It integrates its own inherent energies as a “transcender” with the thought patterns and empathic energies of the one within its center. The TA then seeks out the other people regardless of where they live, who also have the same level of energetic movement that is required by the intent and motivation of the individual. Many people who receive the thought forms of alternative “ways to establish peace,” or “individuals to connect with to form health movements,” etc. will be unaware for the most part, of the existence of the TA in their lives until they meet with others who have consciously aligned with the TA. If an evolved person is within the TA and is transmitting thought patterns of “new” ways for natural healing, whether for animal or human or for certain locales of the Earth, this transmission will be picked up and acted upon. Think of all the things you yourself would like to see occur, remember “thought is action,” all actions attract like-action.

The people who stand or sit in the TA will have myriad experiences of sound, sight, color and an interesting array of physical sensations while inside and when they have finished with their “TA Fest.” We ourselves found that we carried consciously all the sensations and the lightness of being for several hours after we entered the TA. If a negative person or one who has hidden agendas attempts to enter the TA to disperse evil or lower based thoughts to others, he or she will be in for a surprise. We stated that the TA is energy in motion; it is not static, it is an alignment of molecular energies that does not contain any lower based vibrations or frequencies, therefore it will not broadcast any thought forms/thought patterns that function on a baser level. Instead it reflects back to the person all that the individual is thinking/attempting to create that is of dubious nature and/or diabolical intent.

Usage Instructions

As we stated earlier in this writing, your TA does not require any activation process, it is self activating. The TA “moves” in accordance with the dynamics of the present frequencies and vibrations of the planet and the person within the TA. Consider entering into the TA as you would when entering any Sacred place. The TA will constantly and consistently work towards the benefit of this planet by utilizing its own incredible magnetic properties combined with the Flag Ship’s and Laser Wand’s alchemical attributes, to silently .. for the most part, work within the grid for alignment and stability of Earth. The TA will always transmit energy into the Earth and upward into the Higher Dimensions. Your mission…. if you choose to accept it…. is to focus on whatever energetic mass you wish to send to Earth as a whole, to the Higher Dimensions, to individuals, fauna etc., and Heal, Empower, Radiate, Transform Thought Projections, Thought Consciousness … there is NO limit to what you can contribute.

Remember though to always “do” something to assist in your own expansion of consciousness, your own Infinite ability to Create for the Highest Good, without expectations. There is so much that you as a “TAONER,” can do to be of assistance to improve the human condition and especially the Earth’s. Don’t be surprised if Star Keepers decide to either “visit” with you or flash their Ships’ lights towards you in acknowledgment for what you are doing and in gratitude for all you do.

On dark nights in particular, you will probably see the TA extending light beams in various directions. We suggest before and after entering the TA, have some good, cold water to drink and if you are staying in the TA for an extended period, keep water in there with you. Some people will feel a need to sleep after the initial TA visitations until they adjust to the Higher Vibrations. Have fun, remember the “good works” you can and shall accomplish and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU AND ALL THAT IS!

…Salude, Celestial and David


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