Atlantean Wands



“Atlantean Wands”

These wands were used by the Atlanteans for Empowerment, Healing and Personal protection. Each of them adapts to the “Personal Vibration” of its “Caretaker”. As with all energy, receiving and giving of energy is “in balance.” We will guide you to build these in the true Atlantean tradition. They shall integrate with you and will follow the path they have been set upon. You direct their intensity and direction. When used properly they can heal, protect and empower you for your “Higher Good”.

“Note” These are not toys, they are to be taken very seriously, “And then proceed with confidence.”

As each of us evolves, the necessity to further our education and re-integrate with the higher frequencies is a must. These tools are simply that, tools to assist in this endeavor. Remember that all energy is living, so do not think these tools are static. They are as alive as you are. They will indeed empower you, if used properly, to protect and enhance your lives.

Red Power Wands” Call forth energy from higher dimensions, this energy then integrates with the one who is holding the wand, thus becoming as one. Red is the color of power, when used constructively the results can be pretty amazing. You need to define what power means to you, use discernment when using these wands for your/the greater good.

Purple, Blue or Green Healing Wands” Empathize with the individual healer’s ability to focus healing energy on another or on him or herself. Please do not limit yourselves to only working on people; these can be used on animals, plants, the environment and a multitude of others wondrous purposes. Use your imagination and intuition to guide you. Healing Wands utilize double terminated crystals.

Black Warrior Wands” Enable an individual to use the wand for self defense. The energy that streams out of the wand is quite powerful and should be used with discretion. It also serves to eliminate unwanted entities or energies that could be hazardous to you or others around you. We are sure that those who are reading this are aware of what we speak of. They also enhance and enforce one’s personal force field with subtle but high levels of protection.

Power and Healing Wands can be used together to integrate similar vibrations and frequencies.

Power and Warrior Wands can also be used in conjunction with each other to augment their power and abilities of protection and enforcement.

“Note” Warrior and Healing Wands are of opposite frequency and should not be used together.

Over the years these “Atlantean Wand’s” have timely reintroduced themselves to the current Earth Star population once again.

Used properly they will assist you in manifesting the world you desire.


We are not responsible for the following side effects: These Wands may induce extreme joyfulness and bliss, private meetings with your Spirit Guides and other Star Keepers, or they may assist you in contacting with Ships from “Home”.

The rest we will leave up to your imagination. Enjoy!

These Wands are a prime example of “Free Form Energy” at its finest.


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